Mars “Berbela Rasa” APP 2013 KAJ


Video Lagu Mars “Berbela Rasa” APP 2013 KAJ, Teks Lirik Lagu 4 Suara Mars APP 2013 dan LOGO APP 2013.
Syair& Lagu: RD A. Susilo Wijoyo, Do= F Arrs: ML Supama, Penyanyi: Carlo, Pemusik: Bosko

Desain final logo APP 2013

Video Lagu Mars “Berbela Rasa” APP 2013 KAJ



Teks Lirik Lagu 4 Suara Mars APP 2013


Teks Lirik Lagu 1 Suara Mars APP 2013


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  1. I am former Netherlands Ambassador Dr Anton Smitsendonk.
    In the past I have been in sustained contact with erpople like Alfons Taryadi, Michael Utama Purnama, Frans Parera on the possibility of establishing in Indonesia a group of Cathoilic (or Christian) business executives.
    I have heard that Fons Taryadi is in hospital. My old email addresses of MU Purnama and Frans Parera do not work.
    Yet in coming weeks from Paris I am going to Bangkok and will participate in discussions with Thaiulands CBEG (Catholic Business Executives Group) and the officie of archbishop Kirengsak on their planned conference in the later part of this year where they would like to invite also a few catholic business leaders from Indonesia.
    Could you bring the above to the knowlegde of the Vicar General and see how he might help me in restoring my earlier contacts or set up new contacts ? (I was earlier 4 years penasehat kerdjasama tehnik didalam Kedutaan Belanda).
    Dr Anton Smitsendonk
    4 rue de Villersexel Paris
    (I have recently been in contact with Fr Magni-Suseno, but the addresses he kindly gave of M U Purnama did not work out)

    • Dear Mr. Anton,
      I will try to help you to looking for their complete contact (head of Catholic unity entrepreneurs Indonesia-PERDUKI); if we’ve got it I will promptly notify you via email.

  2. Dear Redaksi KAJ,
    Saya ingin mengkoleksi lagu lagu APP dari tahun tahun yang lalu, usul saya kalau tidak keberatan bisa didapatkan di website ini.


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